Barbara of Squirrel Den Studio
Marcel of Squirrel Den Studio
Santhosh of Squirrel Den Studio

Greetings! I’m Barbara, owner of Squirrel Den Studio, a small, home-based business located in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley. We’re mainly about tee shirts which are mostly — but not all — cat-themed. We also produce baby-wear, calendars, patches, and pins… and whatever else might tickle our fancy.

A graphic artist and former illustrator, I create the designs. My husband Santhosh, a computer scientist and former naval architect, looks after the business end of things, which frees me up to do the fun stuff. Our surly but supremely handsome cat, Marcel, is my muse, and the inspiration for our popular “Badasscat” design. Yup, he’s badass. If he COULD, Marcel would be smoking ciggies, knockin’ back whiskeys, and getting into bar brawls. (But when no one’s looking, he’s a sweet, cuddly lap cat.)

Jackson Galaxy with Squirrel Den Studio Tee

Jackson Galaxy wearing his Squirrel Den Studio “Day of the Dead” Tee

Because we love critters, we donate a percentage of the purchase price of our online sales to a different animal rescue group each month.

We’re excited that Jackson Galaxy, of Animal Planet’s My Cat from Hell, owns several Squirrel Den tees, and has given us a shout out in one of his videos and on his Facebook page. We’ve also been featured in the popular cat blogs hauspanther and Catsparella, and were an “Editors Pick” in Modern Cat Magazine. Our baby romper was modeled on the cover of Rhode Island Monthly.

Our designs are screen-printed locally, onto high-quality tee shirts. We use environmentally responsible packaging material for shipping as much as possible.